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The Rights of the members:

  • To information and services available within the organization's programme. The information available should be reflective of the needs and demands of the member organizations and work in the community
  • To support and assistance from SAYVON
  • To be able to communicate directly to SAYVON on any matters relevant to their organizations which meet the objectives of SAYVON
  • To receive communication from the SAYVON
  • To receive guidance and direction from SAYVON regarding organizational development, capacity building and general guidance to address issues of sustainability for their organizations
  • To be marketed by the SAYVON via their marketing mediums: website, newsletter, flyers etc.
  • To announce their connection with the SAYVON to media within the guidelines noted in this agreement
  • For the business and information of SAYVON to be made clear, with explanation of complex documentation or legal processes and information of the programme work of SAYVON
  • To be consulted on strategic issues of SAYVON
  • To be informed of the application process for BOARD appointments


Roles and Responsibilities of members:

  • To provide regular updates directly to SAYVON on community based issues
  • To keep themselves updated on SAYVON business and programme work
  • To be Ambassadors:
    • To SAYVON
    • To the community
    • For Youth Development
    • For the development of previously disadvantaged people in South Africa
  • To promote the work of SAYVON
  • To protect the work and existence of SAYVON
  • To actively respond and participate in meetings and invitations from SAYVON, where possible
  • To act and be responsible at all times
  • To respect each other and the business of SAYVON and their fellow members To be disciplined both personally and professionally
  • Not to abuse the rights and services provides by this agreement and within the SAYVON





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