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by camp26
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The international human rights instruments are the written documents, which forms the basis for a definition of what it implies to be a rights based organisation. The most central of these documents are the UN Declaration of Human Rights (1948), and the following Covenants on Civil and Political Rights and the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. (1966). A main fundamental principle when it comes to Human Rights is the universality of the same rights. All human beings are entitled to human dignity and respect for their rights as human beings. There is an ongoing discussion concerning the universality of the human rights, taken into account the fact that millions of people and a number of regimes do not, even today, accept the human rights as a part of their ethical framework. Not because they have not heard about the Human Rights, but because they are opposed to them, on the basis of what they see as their own superior cultural, religious or secular values.

To be a rights-based organisation is to have a statement of belief that people’s basic rights must be fulfilled if they are to live with dignity. All people are entitled to equal rights and opportunities, as defined in the international declarations and conventions, these being social, economic and cultural rights, and civil and political rights and the right to life itself. But in the present world, and unpardonably enough also in the coming decades, these rights are denied for millions of people worldwide because of neglect and/or oppression. The result of this is poverty and increasing inequality. 

SAYVON is a rights-based organisation advocating for the rights of young people both young women and young men to be valued, respected and supported to achieve their potential; have a positive future and involved in society as change agents.

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